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Port Harcourt Chamber of Commerce President, Engr. Emeka Unachukwu
said young people have what it takes to be rich and famous if only
they can strive to build the spirit of entrepreneurship.

The PHCCIMA President made this declaration while speaking as
motivational/guest lecturer at the ‘Rivers state 2015 Youth Holiday
Camping Programme’ for youths between the ages of 13 to 17 years, held
at the Citizenship and Leadership Training centre, Forest School Aluu
in Ikwerre LGA of Rivers state.

Drawing inferences from young entrepreneurs like Mark Zuckerberg, an
American entrepreneur worth $6.9b who co-founded and is currently the
CEO of the social network known as Facebook; Matthew Mullenweg worth
$250m who was the founding developer of WordPress, Blake Ross, young
American software developer known best for his work with Mozilla
Firefox and of course self made millionaire, Catherine Cook who at the
age of 18 yrs helped create the vibrant industry of her highly
respected website MyYearBook.com presently raking in millions of
dollars and maintains it is achievable.

He defined young people as boys and girls between the ages of 14 and
17 years reiterating that young people can also be rich and famous
depending on the type of mindset they have and the spirit of
enterprise inherent in them.  Unachukwu who defined spirit as the
non-physical part of a person including his seat of emotions and
character, explained that everything we do in this world has a spirit.

Speaking on entrepreneurship the PHCCIMA arrow head defined
entrepreneurship as the process of starting a business or other
organization, noting that entrepreneurship is not the same as doing
business. According to him in entrepreneurship location is not
important. Hear him: ‘Entrepreneurship is opportunity recognition and
implémentation, It is vision, passion and zeal, it is also hardwork in
an unpredictable environnent’.

He also enlisted some of the impediments as to why people lack
entrepreneurship spirit which ranges from the individuals psychology
or mindset, genetics including sociological, classical, spiritual
among others. He explained that the genetic factor has a lot to do
with parental influence while the sociological factors is ascribed to
life experiences.

The thought provoking presentation which analysed the mindset of young
people, further sought to expatiate on the engine driving people’s
behaviours and enlisted some as ; rebellion or revenge, desire to
belong, fear/security, purpose, contribution, joy, easily given up,
Laisse affaire (Don’t Care), pessimists-always thinking of failure and
concluded that we all need one type of spirit or the other to become

The PHCCIMA boss also urged the young crowd to at all times
acknowledge God in their dealings, debunking the popular belief that
it will take a cow to pass through the eye of a needle than for a
richman to enter the kingdom of God, saying you can still be rich and
make heaven. Unachukwu who runs a resource base outfit known as
Develope‘ maintains that we all need the spirit to tackle issues of
financial responsibilty, to overcome  social problems, to avoid
dependency, for glass ceilings in the corporate world and to Increase
self esteem and be socially and religiously responsible. ‘For you to
be a successful entrepreneur your present location, present attitude,
present age, poor begining and present disposition does not count’ he

At the end of the presentation the students were asked who wants to be
poor and they all rebuked the idea and unanimously embraced the call
to build the spirit of entrepreneurship

The Rivers state 2015 Youth Holiday Camping Programme’ with the theme:
Rivers state government with the objective to inculcate in the
participants the spirit of selfless service to the community, to
foster team spirit and mutual co-operation, to instil discipline and
moral rectitude, build friendship and brotherhood for the enhancement
of tolerance and better relationship irrespective of cultural
background and finally to prepare participants for future
responsibilities by instilling in them leadership qualities.

Anderson Hart is a Media and Publicity Consultant, Online News Expert,
Social Network Professional, Print  and Electronic Media Journalist.

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