You Can. But Will You?

By Patrick Paul

You Can, But Will You

The rain was falling with great intensity as I listened to its sound battering the roof of my place of refuge. The rain no doubt was falling in torrents as though to let me know that when the heavens open it windows you should take full advantage of it.

As I lay in bed I wondered why humans wallow in self-pity, fear, and self-induced limitation as though we had been tested and found culpable. It’s common to see people accept on an unconscious level that they are not good enough. What then is the difference between high achievers and mediocre – Self doubt, accepting defeat without even trying and a lay back attitude of the victim consciousness. In my life, I have battled with all this weaknesses, while I am still a work in progress, I am aware that the realization and acknowledgment of these weaknesses is the first step to conquering them especially laziness and ignorance. An ignorant man doesn’t know that he’s ignorant and does not know.

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A deeper awareness that you can and has all the abilities to win in the race of life is the first step to becoming a success. An awareness of your weaknesses and strength only goes to show you are human and you need to be patient with yourself as you work on improving and maximizing your strength and abilities.

The second steps is actually doing. When you do with a detached attitude regardless of the outcome and regardless of the fear of what people would say if you try and fail, you open your wings and consciousness to be better. Doing is synonymous with practice. And they say practice makes better. Inside each and every one of us lies the seed of greatness, a seed that can turn into a giant oak, if we can only go out and do the needful.

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Thirdly, don’t rest on your laurels, keep improving, always challenge yourself to do more than is required of you. Interestingly the more problems and challenges you overcome, the better you get and develop a keen view towards challenges in every area of life. Ego and the ITK (I too know) syndrome is an enemy that has caused the fall of many from grace to grass. Watch out for them even as a rat watch out for a cat.

Today you can, but the question is Will You

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