Why Elon Musk is No Longer My Mentor

By Patrick Paul

Why Elon Musk is no longer my mentor

Elon Musk is a South African-American entrepreneur and founder of Tesla-the electric car company, Solar city-the Solar energy and Lithium- ion battery company as well as SpaceX. When he speaks the world listens, because  he is an innovator and perhaps with the greatest ideas of the 21st century. Musk woke up one day and gave out all the patents to his inventions. From that action came the world first neck breaking transport system- the Hyperloop. Today, a company he founded called Boring is trying to build the first hyperloop tunnel and only waiting approval from cities and states in the US where it would run through.

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Elon Musk is a giver and they say givers never lack. Since he is my mentor I tried to follow his foot steps by giving. The other day I wrote 10 ways to improve the operations and adopt global best practices in transportation using the Uber and Lyft style, and sent it to G.Agofure motors. I wrote 10 ways to improve the economy of a particular south-south states and submitted it at the government house. Whether the governor sees it or not, is not my business. The thing is the faster you give either ideas or money away, the more it will flow back to you. Not because of karma or universal cosmic forces, but because you then spend less time defending it and more time coming up with better ideas or ways of making more  money.


This is the age of possibilities where everything is possible, you only need to think in a certain way like Larry Page, Sergi Brian, Ev. Williams, Strive Massiyiwa, Dan Ariely and a host of others. You have to see possibilities with your mind before it makes appearance in the physical. You have to develop the success consciousness. How do you achieve these? By exercising the idea muscles. I stole most of these ideas from another of my mentor, James Alttucher. He is the first to coined the phrase the idea muscle. He believes the brain is like a muscle and must be execised every day for it to operate at an optimum. Everyday write 10 ideàs on how to improve your life. Write 10 ideas for businesses to start. Write 10 ideas of how President Buhari and the APC can improve the economy of Nigeria. If you do this you will become an idea machine and think differently from the crowd and even develop success consciousness. In this age of possibilities you can take an idea and turn it into gold.

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Neverless, I have learned from many mentors including Elon Musk. But today he would no longer be my mentor. I am afraid he would convince me to join the Space X expendition in the one way trip to inhabit Mars forever. Earth is a sweet place full of beautiful women, beautiful cars like the Tesla cars and beautiful places like St. Vincent and the Granadines as well as Belize. Nope, Elon, I like to stay and enjoy these things.

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