Which Way Are You Facing?

By Patrick Paul

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After reading the biographies of both Abraham Lincoln and Thomas Edison for over 9 times, their stories and their names seemed over hyped at least to my ears. But their stories whether I like it or not holds the secret to unlock many successes trapped within the human. After countless failures both men went ahead to achieve profound successes. When Abraham Lincoln was trying to make it in Law and Politics, where was he facing? I am sure he was laughed at, but eventually he got to the apogee and became the President of the United State. During the civil war his popularity wane and his soldiers lost many battles to the confederates Army under the command of General Grants. Often he would sneaked out of the White house to join the troops at the battle fields to boost their morale for a war that have lost verve and its moral impetus. Lincoln knew that with the war he was facing the right direction. He knew that establishing an egalitarian society where all men are free from slavery even if it requires the last drop of his blood is the right direction to go. He never budged or cowed for once and saw the defeat of the confederates and ensure the United States remain one indivisible State. Today, perhaps, he his one of the best Presidents in the anals of the United States history. Thomas Edison was a rail road worker who always hitch hiked on the train to work. He later discovered a better morse code when he worked for the Telegraph company and failed many times in his experiments to produce the incandescent bulb. After his laboratory burnt down completely, Edison would have seen this as an opportunity to quit. But did he? Not on your life. He not only succeeded in building the incandescent bulb, but went on to build the first electrical systems that powered New York city. Not many people know that he Edison was the founder of General Electric (GE), a member of the fortune 500 companies. Why did both men keep going even after many disappointments and success seem to have eluded them? I suspect it is because they knew they were facing the right direction.

After graduating at the bottom of my class, I knew getting a job at a multinational is a pipe dream. Therefore, I put on my entrepreneural cap and started businesses producing the Wrist bracelets with a company in China, Laboratory chemical supply company and this blog. To say the least in only two years all the businessess failed. Even this blog, although experience a huge traction initially, began to see a decline. In analysing these failed experiments at running businessess, I began to ask my self ‘ dude which way are you facing?’ I don’t know if I will start another business soon. Did I have entrepreneural flare? I don’t know. But for me that direction is worth facing. I hope to grow this blog to become No. 1 personal development blog in Africa. Although the blog started as a startup news, and entrepreneur blog. I have decided to pivot to personal development and explore how people can become awesome and extraordinary in their lives through featured interviews. Indubitably, I have come in contact with people who seemingly have good jobs with a high pay, but are not fulfilled. Why? Because it is not the money or job that brings happiness and fulfillment. It is something at the core of our being. This core according to Bob Buford in his book’ finishing well’ is the immovable of who you really are. Its the equipment your creator has issued to you-the mental, physical and emotional tools you have got to work with, as well as your experience and deepest passion. Fortunately, the easiest way to track this fulfillment is when you know where you are facing.

Some years ago, a young Nigeria graduate working at a good job at Schlumberger was not fulfilled, because in trying to define the direction he was facing found out he needed something greater. He resigned his position with the company jumped ship and into an uncharted territory of uncertainty to start his own company in the oil& gas sector. Today, after many years of hustle and disappointment, Weafri oil services is competing with Schlumberger and has employed thousands of Nigerians and foreigners alike at the company locations in Nigeria, India, Kuwait and the United States.

Like me, many are trying to find the golden fleece, albeit in life and business. You may be homeless, jobless, starving, and even heart bronken. These burden would be easier to carry when you answer the question ” which way are you facing?”

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