What I Learned From Watching Hercules -The Legendary Journeys


By Patrick Paul


I liked watching Hercules and his legendary journeys. He was my hero. At a point it is the only movie series we had in the house. I watched them repeatedly until the movies almost got clean out from the plate. After watching it for so long my keen mind started seeing the depth of the movie beyond ordinary entertainment. Kevin Sobo who was the main cast and hero of the series has the natural talent to fit seamlessly into his role and was subsequently able to attract a huge following and love from the youthful population.

Over time, I tried to imbibe the lessons I gleaned from watching Hercules in my own life. I have no doubt it would change the course of your life. These are some of the lessons I learned from Hercules.

CONFIDENCE: This is a quality every one wished they have. You need confidence to attain some level of success. Indeed, every successful person one time or the other have struggled with low self esteem and the lack of confidence. A confident person seem to be accepted anywhere he /she goes. Because, it confer on the holder some level of invincibility and love. Hercules is very confident, and never for once through out the series shows any sign of fear. When you exudes confidence people are attracted to you like ants to honey and you send a message to the ethers that you are ready for any opportunity it sends your way. Perhaps, the best way to develop confidence is to be good at whatever you do for a living. When you are the best in your area of expertize you will be confident and feel good about your abilities.

HUMILITY: Hecules is always humble and down to earth. He always identify and is seen in the company of the locals and downtrodden people of the society. And this usually angers the autocrats who want to always take advantage of the people and amass wealth. Humility  is a virtue only a few possesess in our society today. A lot of people have over bloated opinion about themselves and want others to worship them. If you want to go far in life you most learn to imbibe this virtue in your life. Once, in one of the series, Hercules, best pal Eolis became culpable and gave in to his ego. The result- he was tricked and fell into the hands of the bad guys, suffered greatly before Hercules heard of his ordeal and planned his rescue. I use to have a teacher in the secondary school who always made us repeat the cliche ‘pride goeth before a fall’ each time he come to class to teach.

ADVENTURE: Hercules loves adventure, he moves everywhere far away into different places and countries, making friends as he goes. He doesn’t own a house or any property. He is not afraid that he would get killed in a foreign land. He just kept going helping the poor and protecting them from exploitation. Having a rich experience is better that acquiring things. The experience that comes from having a rich adventure stays with you for a life time, while things that you buy loose their value overtime. Hercules is happier than the lords, kings and autocratic rulers in mansions and palaces, although, he had nothing, the wicked rulers had everything. The quest for more wealth and greed, kept them grabbing things, and therefore made them unhappy and insecure. Truly wealthy people use their wealth to help a course and buy rich experiences for themselves and families. Adventure releases oxytocin in the brain. The chemical that aids wellness and happiness. Many people would be happy and live longer if they seek adventure like visiting distant places, climbing mountains, running marathons and visiting safaris, rather than acquiring things they really do not need.


CONTENTMENT: He is always contented with what he has. Infact, he doesn’t have or want anything. Once, a wicked queen had him kidnapped and offerred him half of her kingdom, if he would marry her and abadoned his quest for justice and fair play for the people. Charmed and chained in a dreary cell, he had to dig deep and fought to free himself and defeat the queen and her foot soldiers. Greed has lead many to an untimely death and is the course of suffering in most countries today.

PEACEFULNESS: Hercules is never tense, because he believes that where there is a WILL a WAY will be found. He doesn’t fret and get worried for what tomorrow would bring. He’s confident and know that he has the ability, skills and creativity to meet any challenge that comes his way.And so he becomes relax and peaceful. There’s power in a peaceful and relax mind .When you are at peace with yourself you always have extraordinary strength and immagination to deal with anything in life. We feel  fear and become tense when we lack confidence in our abilities and feel the urgency that we must meet a particle need as well as when we feel we must acquire something to be happy. To find peace, let go of your worries, the urgency of your physical needs and be contented.

DISCIPLINE: For any man to achieve lofty height he needs discipline. Discipline is the force that will spur him on through the different distractions and temptations on the journey of life. Hercules is a discipline man. He does little or with utmost moderation. Most times when he visit some towns, he always met merriment, but he usually avoids alcohol and the many woman that throws themselves at him, because of his physique, confidence, strength handsomeness and charisma. No man will go far in life who is not discipline. Discipline is required to burn the mid night oil, discipline is required to be spiritual and be close to God.

PATIENCE: Patience is required in life to make an impact. Hercules can walk 100 of miles to get to the next town. He doesn’t get angered or tense if things doesn’t go his way. He knows that if he keeps pushing forward and doing his very best what he wants will show up. Most of us, once what we are expecting doesn’t come our way, we push, cry, shout and become tension soaked. Tension is the direct cause of the delays and hardship we faced. If we learn the virtue of patience everything would come to us at the right time.

Everyday, I try to check the box on the lessons on this list. Practicing them is not easy. But I intend to stay on it until I get it right even if it requires a life time to master.


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