WHAT IS BITCOIN? Is a type of digital currency in which encryption techniques are used to regulate the generation of units of currency and verify the transfer of funds, operating independently of a central bank. Bitcoin has become a hot commodity among speculators. A unit of bitcoins can be used for online transactions between individuals.

WHAT IS BITCOIN INVESTMENTS? This is a strategy on how to earn 16 bitcoins or 7.3 million+ naira on btcinvestments.



  1. People who make things happen.
  2. People who watch things happen.
  3. People who wonder how it happened. Now tell me where you belong?


When you register, you are at level 0 and after you have paid your UPLINE (SPONSOR) 0.002 btc (N1,800 present value) payable in Bitcoin, you will upgrade to level1.

But if you have never transacted with Bitcoin or had a blockchain account before you will need to purchase 0.003 btc which is N2,400 in equivalent to fund your account to cover for deduction charges.


LEVEL 1: STARTER (ACCORDING TO THE SYSTEM) At this level one, you will get two direct referrals who will each pay you the same amount you paid to your upline. That is N2, 500 (0.004 btc). That will be all for this level. Earnings N750 (0.001btc) after subsequent upgrade.

LEVEL 2: RUNNER (ACCORDING TO THE SYSTEM) after receiving N2, 500 (0.004 btc) from your level one, you will upgrade to level two by donating N2,000 (0.003 btc) out of the N2, 500 naira you received. In level two, you will be paid N1, 500 from your referrals’ referrals – the four persons who are under your two direct referrals. The total you will receive at this level will be N6, 500 (0.012 btc). Earnings N1, 500 (0.002 btc) after subsequent upgrade.

LEVEL 3: PACER (ACCORDING TO THE SYSTEM) You will be required tol upgrade to this level by paying your upline N5, 500 (0.01 bitcoin). In level 3, you will receive the same amount you used to upgrade from 8 persons under the four persons that paid you at level 2. In total, you will receive about N44, 000 (0.08 btc). Earnings N16, 500 (0.03 btc) after subsequent upgrade.

LEVEL 4: FINISHER (ACCORDING TO THE SYSTEM). You will be required to upgrade to this level with (0.05 btc) N27, 500. Here, 16 persons under the 8 persons that paid you in level three will all pay you N22, 500 each making it a total of N440, 000 (0.8 btc)). Earnings N165, 000 (0.3 btc) after subsequent upgrade.

LEVEL5: WINNER (ACCORDING TO THE SYSTEM) you will be required to upgrade to this level with (0.5 btc) N275, 000. Once you are at this level, you will be paid the same amount you used to upgrade by 32 persons. The thirty two persons will be the people that registered under the people that paid you in level 4. At this stage also, you will not need to upgrade again. You will only expect payment from 32 persons. In total, you will receive (16 bitcoins) N8,800, 000+.

Note this could be more or less depending on the value of Bitcion at that time which fluctuates like other currencies such as dollars, Euro, Pounds etc.


The most amazing thing about btc investment is that unlike other matrices, it gives a total of 180 days before you will have to upgrade to the next level after your first upgrade. So you have enough time to receive Welcome once again.



Before you can have successful operation and transaction with program you will need the following accounts

  1. Email Account
  2. Bitcoin wallet Account
  3. Btcinvestments Account


  1. Register a valid email address preferably Gmail account OR use your normal email address
  2. Proceed to have your wallet account where all your currency/money is deposited. Therefore, go to https://blockchain.info and follow the instructions below:
  3. Go to https://blockchain.info
  4. Click on Wallet
  5. Click on Create Your Wallet to Signup.


Now to register click on this link and sign-up


  1. Register and login
  2. Click on My Money or aidd wallet
  3. Go back to your blockchain account and click on receive copy the long alphanumeric(Wallet Address)
  4. Then Add long alphanumeric( Wallet Address) u copy from receive and paste it into required place in your btcinvestment
  5. Wallet Website: https://blockchain.info
  6. Example of Wallet Address looks like this : 1MqfLTcrvDuM4Wuo947jb9zBHM81DJGebD
  7. Answer your question:

Follow the steps below to get the information

  1. Go back to Blockchain Wallet Account and login
  2. Click on Receive.
  3. Click and copy the alphanumeric known as Wallet Address (See the picture below) to start receiving bitcoin/money

  1. Then, go back to btcinvestments account to Add the Wallet Information (See the picture below)

  1. Click on Submit and proceed to upgrade your account
  2. Click on DASHBOARD and Click on Upgrade
  3. Copy the Wallet Address of the person you are donating for (See the picture below)

  1. Proceed back to Wallet Account at (https://blockchain.info)
  2. Click on Send and paste the Wallet Address u copy from the btcinvestments Account
  3. Past it on Sender Address
  4. Enter the Amount in bitcoin base on your level for starter is 0.002 (See the picture below)  
  5. Click on next step to complete the transfer then send
  6. After you send the bitcoin you need to copy the hash ID from the last transaction you just did check the image below to see where to click
  7. Click on the Up-Arrow icon (See the picture below) 

After you click on step 3 in above image, you will see the following information (See the picture below)


  1. Copy all the alphanumeric (1) above known as transaction Hash ID
  2. Please notice the Amount you donated from showing (2)
  3. Go back to your btcinvestments upgrade dashboard
  4. Scroll down the Upgrading Page (you will See the picture below) 
  5. Paste the Transaction Hash ID
  6. And enter Exact Amount Sent 0.02
  7. Click on Submit

Then you are good to go, reach out for more downline to join you in the biz by sending out your link for them to register. See you at the Top.


 If you are interested we have a group that we work as team. And with teams effort we try to see that everybody grows without anyone being left out. This implies that we give out the registration link of people who have not gotten their two required downlines complete. In order for all to grow and upgrade to grade 2.Especially those who have difficulties in getting their two downlines due one reasons best known to them such, Not wanting talk people, or convincing people and having no time to talk people due to their busy schedules.

This is usually not a problem because we have a group link invite on whatsapp that you can broadcast on social media like facebook, whatsapp, instagram, linkedin, twitter, Google+,pinterest etc.Anybody interested will just click the link without asking you any questions .While the admins of the group present the opportunity to them and register those who are ready to take the next step.

This is the link and write-up we add to the it

“Do you know you with just 0.002 bitcoin (#1,800) you can make 16 bitcoin ( 8 million Naira) within few months. If you are interested click the link below to join our whatapp group to find out how.


That’s all you need to do without talking to anyone directly.So that people who join through this link  can ask questions and most importantly receive presentations on this business, which we hold on whatsapp daily at 8 pm


  1. You can trade your bitcoins to one another at any given price
  2. You can Buy/Sell bitcoin to e-currency exchangers eg. yelgold.net , www.Nariaex.com ,


  1. You can also buy from any of the admins.
  2. Coming Soon: We have plans as a group to bring into the country Bitcoin Debit Virtual ATM Master Card. Where we will be able to convert our Bitcoin seamlessly into Fait (Dollars, Euro or Pounds) and do transactions seamlessly.

After you are done reading the above information all you need to do is to take action by registering immediately. Here is the registration link to sign-up now.


Or better still contact the Admin on whatsapp to give you an available link. Because usually this links don’t stay up a week before getting downlines. You can also join our whatapp group to get more assistance and also contact other admins.

NB: To join this business you need a good team that will help you grow fast in other to achieve your goal faster. So I will advise you join my team so that you will enjoy the benefit of team work.


For more information on btc investments contact me

Joseph Edirin (Chief Group Admin)

Call: or Whatsapp: 07067493860

Email:  weiwuweinigeria@gmail.com.

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