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                                                                                                                                                          Maple Dappa


TREPSCRIPT101: Could you start by telling us a bit about yourself and your company?

DAPPA: My name is Maple Dappa, I own a start-up called Fayples Nigeria. Fayples Nigeria is an online clothier. Although, we are presently re-modelling, we hope to unveil our new model with time. However, Fayples Nigeria is basically an online company.

TREPSCRIPT101: What are the unique selling points of Fayples Nigeria?

DAPPA: One of our unique selling point is that Fayples Nigeria is localize. Localize in the sense that our primary catchment area is Port Harcourt and so our unique selling point is that Port Harcourt people have a platform like ours that is easily within their reach in terms of proximity. Part of the new model we are trying to come up with is local production of the clothes that we sell. Overtime, our approach to business as well as how we execute our business model is going to be one of our unique selling point.


TREPSCRIPT101: What are some of the products you sell?

DAPPA: We sell all kinds of products from foot wears, to suit for men, jeans, chinos trousers and shirts for men as well as dresses and tops for women.

TREPSCRIPT101: What are some of the challenges you had as an entrepreneur and how did you overcame them?

DAPPA: I can’t say I have finished overcoming them. Presently, I still have challenges I am yet to overcome and I am still navigating and trying to find ways around them. At this point haven built capacity and haven understood the dynamics of the business we are into, I can say that finance is a major challenge. Before now, I usually do not say finance because I felt one get to first understand the industry before talking about finance, at this point funding is a major challenge that we have since we have fixed every other challenges.

TREPSCRIPT101: What would you say have been the single best decision you have made in your entrepreneurial journey?

DAPPA: The single best decision we have made in the journey basically is to get started. All the things we have had to learn, all the mistakes and lessons from the mistakes, the credit goes to the fact that we started in the first place. If we had not started we won’t have learnt anything, and we won’t have made any mistakes or learn from them, we would have just being the same persons we were before we started, so getting started is the single best decision I have made.

TREPSCRIPT101: What advice would you give to a person who’s scared of venturing into the business world?

DAPPA: You have to prepare very well and save as much as you can, because there’s  going to be a storm, although, you could pull through and make it, you just don’t have to stumble and dabble into the business world without adequate preparation. Prepare very well and then venture into it.

TREPSCRIPT101: What in your opinion is the next big trend in the business world?

DAPPA: The business world is quite large, so I would like to restrict it to Nigeria. We have lived on imported goods for so long, attention is gradually shifting to local production. The next big trend is local production of goods. Whatever you are doing begin to look towards local production and of course technology, the old traditional orthodox businesses are also beginning to adopt technology to drive their businesses and although technology is an ongoing trend, we are yet to scratch the surface. It is the second biggest trend now.

TREPSCRIPT101: What can you say about the Port Harcourt tech/start-up ecosystem, is it catching up with places like Lagos and Abuja?

DAPPA: Well we are not at the same level that Lagos and Abuja are right now, but we are on our way there, we are not competing with them, we just want to build our own tech/start-up ecosystem here. There’s a long journey ahead but we are on our way there and although there are challenges, eventually we would get there.


TREPSCRIPT101: Do you have any tech/start-up hub in Port Harcourt?


DAPPA: Yes we have a few, but the major ones are Bubbles co-working space at Rumuigbo and Olotu Square in D-line.

TREPSCRIPT101: How can someone who has failed in business or life come back from a business or life’s failure?

DAPPA: My answer is a very simple one, even though it might seem like an unserious answer. Simply shake whatever failure you have had off. The bulb in your house goes dead you replace it, and a part in your car goes bad you change it. Know that failure is part of life. So shake it off, remember why you started in the first place, be encouraged. and start all over.

TREPSCRIPT101: How do you keep up a healthy work life balance?

DAPPA: I tried to structure my time. I know the time that is given to work and the time given to other aspects of my life and so I respect those lines. There are times of course you have to cross those lines. However, I recognized that family time is family time, church time is church time, work time is work time, time to hang out with friends is time to hang out with friends and so time to play and have fun is time to play and have fun.

TREPSCRIPT101: How do you stay creative and motivated?

DAPPA: I listen to music, read books, engaged in conversations with friends and people in other fields and backgrounds.

TREPSCRIPT101: Can you name any of these books?

DAPPA:  I read a lot of faith-based books. I read a lot of works by Malcolm Gladwell and lots of articles across different platforms, In summary I read Outliers, tipping point, blink and others I can not readily mention now.

TREPSCRIPT101: What is your method of generating ideas?

DAPPA: My method of generating ideas is what I called mind mapping. I have a way of putting myself in a particular mind frame and begin to think about the ideas I want to generate depending on the sector and in line with what I want and the ideas just flow. I look at what others are doing and it triggers up ideas in me. My Ideas can also come while I am reading a book, listening to music or playing, when they come I make sure I document them so I don’t miss them.

TREPSCRIPT101: When you hear the word successful who is the first person that comes to mind?

DAPPA: I Maple Dappa

TREPSCRIPT101: How can people make their life awesome and extraordinary?

DAPPA:  People should live their normal ordinary lives. Live your life the normal day-to-day and that’s how it becomes awesome and extraordinary. Those little things that you tends to overlook in chasing the extraordinary do them and do them consistently. Extraordinary is a function of the ordinary. Those ordinary things you do, do them well and go the extra mile. For example, if you like to greet people when you meet them greet them more and you become extraordinary in greeting people.

TREPSCRIPT101: Do you believe in mentorship and who are your mentors?

DAPPA: yes, I believe in mentors. I have a lot of mentors across different fields. I have Aunty Ngozi Obigwe, she is my mentor when it comes to social leadership and administration, I have Mrs Oche Bamgboye, she is my mentor when it comes to strategic planning and research work. I have a pastor called Nonso Ubajekwe, he is my mentor when it comes to how I view the world, and how I view life as well as how I apply myself to life. Those are my mentors even though I can’t remember some names now. My view of mentorship has to do with people I have a relationship with, that’s why I am not mentioning names you may want to hear. Anybody I don’t have a personal contact with is not my mentor, the person can at best be my role model. A mentor is someone who knows what my aspirations are and can advice me, somebody whose door I can walk through anytime and reach them.

TREPSCRIPT101: What characteristics should a leader have?

DAPPA: There are a lot of characteristics a leader should possess but one I think is going to summarize everything is responsibility. A leader should be responsible, once you are responsible and have integrity and exemplary conduct, every other thing will fall into place.

TREPSCRIPT101: If you could have one giant bill board anywhere in Port Harcourt what would it say?

DAPPA: Think Community, Invest in Community.

TREPSCRIPT101: Can you expatiate?

DAPPA: Yes, before you complain about all the bad things in your community, you must ask yourself in what way have I tried to make things different and better. If everyone is complaining just like you, who is going to make the difference?  If you are doing something wrong know that it is going to impact negatively on the community, just as, if you are doing something good, it is going to impact on the community positively. So, think about the community and always do what would make it better for everyone.

TREPSCRIPT101: Thank you for giving me your time despite your busy schedule

DAPPA: You are welcome.

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