How To Surrender To The Universe and Bring Beauty into Your Life.

By Patrick Paul

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I struggled, kicked and was anxious as well as full of anxiety. I wanted to force the universe to do my bidding, but the universe would not. I was going to go homeless, as my rent was about to expire a month away and my Landlords threatening fire and brimstone if I don’t pay up.  After kicking and trying to force things to happen my way, my worst fears happened. The universe didn’t care whether I go homeless or not. I was only a small speck of atom in its vast creation.

I rushed to finish a book I was writing before the date of my eviction and uploaded it on Amazon. The book sold only a few copies not enough to avert my imminent homelessness. I was sad and cried a few times begging the universe and the force to save me from this disaster.

My muddled mind suggested I moved to my bush village in rural Cross River State, South-South Nigeria. And so I did. Initially life was cool in my rural village, at least I was close to nature. However, after a few months I soon got tired and bored of village life. I felt like I was wasting away. Everyday I would wake up with no challenges and goals to meet. I would sleep, wake up, walk around the village and drink palm wine (a local wine in Nigeria) with folks. With no goals and nothing to do, life became drab and tiresome. One day I packed my bags and returned to the city to meet my self and the challenges I was running away from. In the city I came faced to faced with my worst fears as I had to survived under the worst debilitating conditions in a mosquito infested slum with an old high school mate.

Prior to this time, a year ago I had shut down my Laboratory chemical supply business for failing to gain traction and so I  struggled and could not cater for my basic needs. And to make matters worst I was fighting and struggling with the universe.
So many things can happen to you when you fight and struggled with the universe. You can get burned out and exhausted. I became sick, have constant headaches and always jittery while complaining became my trademark.

In a wrestling match between the universe and me, the universe would always win anyway. I failed to realized this until I have been badly wounded and bruised emotionally.
But beauty, peace and calm can be our lot in life if we let the universe heals and bestows its peace and abundance on us

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However, I discovered a little too late that I could have saved my self the wear and tear if I had done the following:

1) Let Go and Let God: Why did I allow myself to suffer and be badly beaten by the vicissitudes of life before remembering that I could just let go and let God help me instead of using my strength and power to fight and resist change and the natural rhythm and flow of life? When you relinquish your hold and concerns about your worries and fears, you immediately become relaxed from tension, this allows God or Infinite Intelligence to step in and work miracles in your life.

2) Change your attitude: Life is just fine the way it is. Everything is at their rightful place. The problems and challenges are to make us sturdy and firm. But the mind which is regarded as a good servant but a bad master will always play tricks on us. Most times our attitude is the defining factor of our station in life. A good attitude helps you see things in the right perspective, and the way you see life determines the way you live it. Similarly, a bad attitude colors your vision and perspectives making you live a floored life. And as humans we always gravitate toward the wrong attitude that’s why we are quick to see challenges as stumbling block. The right attitude can help us increase and tap into our creative powers as well as build confidence to meet life exigencies.

3) Count your Blessings: Why not make it a habit to count the many blessings in your life everyday, instead of counting the lack and becoming angry for what we envisaged to come our way, but didn’t.
The gifts of life, consciousness, good health, friendship and so many more are better than things and possessions. When you count your blessings and be grateful to life, more good things will come into your life.

4) Put your Attention on the Infinite Abundance of the Universe: Energy flows where attention goes, and you dwell and have you being where your attention is. Learn to put your attention on what you want in your life, discard thoughts of fear and lack and beauty will happen all around you.

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