How to Stay Open and Acquire More Knowledge and Wisdom in 2017

By Patrick Paul

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Recently I attended a Tech meet-up in a serene and cozy hotel in the city of Port Harcourt. The participants at the meet up were all smart, business savvy, intelligent, energetic and purpose driven young men and women, with impressive titles like business research analyst, brand experts, Software developer, human resources executive, technopreneur and so on. I was the only one, it seemed without an impressive title among the pack. I decided there and then to stay open and learn from these beautiful, smart and pragmatic people instead of allowing the inferior complex that was building up to take root in me. However, amongst these experts was a particular rather quite guy who appears to be shy and talked less about his achievements. When the floor was thrown open, and it was time for brain storming, Peter came alive. Peter (not his real name) was a guy who prior to the meet up just returned from Silicon Valley, the tech capital of the world, located in the State of California in the United States. Apparently, he and his team invented a solution which could disrupt the health sector worldwide. He went to the States at the behest of a Silicon Valley health startup to explore areas for collaboration to develop the innovation which could improve the overall health of people all over the world. As Peter was talking, I realized sadly that, it is no longer about charisma and titles. It is about what you know and how to come out with solutions to solve the most pressing problems in the world. I left the tech meets with two lessons:
(A) In the world we find ourselves, charisma and titles will take you only far but not too far, we have a lot of that in the world anyway. The world is looking for eagle eyed people regardless of whether they went to school or not to identify its problems and come out with innovations to tackle them. People are looking for ways to solve their problems. Become a problem solver, innovate, invent and the world would beat a detour to your doorsteps.
(B) Keep your well of knowledge always empty, so as to leave room for more knowledge to come in everyday. Today, anywhere I go I see people who talked the loudest, and try to show people they know too much. On a close scrutiny of one of such individuals, I realized he knew very little, a case of an empty drum makes the loudest noise. A realization struck me like a thunderbolt; People that know never wear their knowledge on the sleeves of their shirt. They are quite and always willing to learn new things. They see life and everyone they meet as a teacher. When I noticed this, I became determine to stay humble. And this is my game plan
(A) I resolved to stay open to all life so that I can identify a need when I see one, and possibly come up with a solution. Now this solution may not be a neck breaking one that could solve the world’s problem. It could be discovering a method that could help me better able to tolerate others.
(B) I try to develop the attitude that I can never get to the point in life where I can stop learning. There is always one more step to go. There is a large body of knowledge in the world, that even in 100 years; nobody can ever hope to acquire them. My best bet is to be committed to improving 1% everyday, hoping that in a year I would have improved 75% mentally, emotionally, physically and spiritually.
The Daily Practice.
The daily practice will aid you to identifying a need and coming up with a solution. It is also the key to improving yourself 1% everyday. This is the daily practice;
Mental: This is about exercising your creativity every day. Write down 10 ideas on everything you feel need improvement. Write ideas to solve your financial problem, come up with ideas on how to improve the society around you. Mother Theresa once said that, if everyone sweeps in front of their house, we would have a clean world. Also come up with ideas to improve your relationship with people. Write and read a book or two every day to increase your brain capacity. Doing this everyday will improve your idea muscles which has become atrophy from disuse over time
Physical: Exercise, take a walk and generally do anything that will help you sweat. Eat less and avoid junk food.
Spiritual: Pray, meditate and contemplate every day. Be thankful and grateful for everything in your life. Forgive yourself and everyone that wronged you. See the hate flowing like a river out of your being. Live and enjoy this moment while avoiding gossips.
Emotional: Spend time with people you love and trust. Avoid people that hate you and drain you off your energy. Be honest, it is still the best policy. It can also help to increase your self esteem as a person.
Doing this practices everyday has helped me recreate happiness, harmony, humility, inner peace, beauty, love and abundance in my life, as well as helped me eliminate some of the stress associated with daily living. In 100 years 1 would be dead anyway, why clog my mind with anger, hate, greed, and vanity.
Today, I am yet to do the daily practice. I hope to come up with 10 ideas on how I can increase happiness in my life as soon as I hit the send button on my laptop.
It is okay, if you don’t.

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