How to Start a Revolution Worldwide

By Patrick Paul

How To Start a Revolution Worldwide

It takes only a spark to cause a fire. Recently fire fighters in Australia were struggling to extinguish wild forest fires. How did it start? I don’t know. May be one man or even two men went to the forest to cause a spark as a past time the result being the wild-fire that claims many lives. The other day I was hungry and didn’t have money to buy food. I wanted to call a female friend I am in love with, but she didn’t know I love her to loan me some money to buy food, but my pride would not allow me to. Well I had to channel the hunger into constructive use. I became motivated to write, after sometime, engrossed in my world of creativity, I forgot completely about food, time flew by and happiness engulfed my being. But now I have a burning desire to want to start a revolution. In fact, I am motivated to start a revolution  now. After all it requires just a spark to start a fire. But wait, If I start a revolution and fail, will I be arrested and taken to the gallows for crucifixion? I don’t know, but I know now is the time to go out and start a revolution. We have many fertile minds and motivated young people, they only need that spark to go out and make a revolution happen. But wait, is love, peace and abundance not the only true revolution that can spread like the Australia forest fire?

Mother Theresa once said that if every one sweep in front of their houses we would have a clean world. But there is a caveat, he who comes to equity must come with a clean hand. You who wish to see the change in the world must first develop in your self the capacity to love, and since you can’t give what you don’t have, you have to sit down and genuflect on how to fuel a revolution of peace, love and abundance worldwide. When you start a revolution you have to start one person at a time, until like Mahatma Gandhi, the fire will engulf 6 billion people worldwide. If you wish to cause a revolution then you have to do these

Seek to Solve the Riddle of Life After Death

Many people are greedy, they have ego and want people to worship them. Nevertheless, ask yourself, how many years do I have to spend on planet earth? May be 70, 80 or even 150 years. After you die you turn to an atom, but an atom with conscious awareness. If you have $60 billion you won’t be able to leave planet earth with even 0.0001 cent of it. You only leave with your capacity to love and create peace and abundance if you have cultivated this before your demise. Hence, once you understand this you will see the need to go out and cause a revolution before you die.

Understanding of The Law of Cause and Effect

Okay let’s say what you sow you reap. Instead of sowing discord in the world, why not sow a seed of peace peace, love and abundance. The good book says be not be deceived for God is not mocked, what ever a man sowed thou shall he reap. While not look for a fertile ground and plant a seed that has the capacity to cause a revolution of abundance in the world

Learn Relaxation and Be Free From the Grind of Daily Living

Except you relax and free your self from the tensions of living, how do you hope to attract the state of love, peace and abundance with which to start a revolution? Since you can not give what you don’t have, it is incumbent on you to cultivate the art and the tendency to be relax completely from the worries of life. The story is told of Gandhi, a mother brought her restive and unruly son to Gandhi and complains that the boy smokes. Gandhi asked the mother to take the boy away and bring him back on a certain date. When the mother repeats, Gandhi again asked the mother to come back another time. When the mother brought him back Gandhi was now ready to caution him. Why was Gandhi asking the mother to go and come back each time? Perhaps Gandhi knew that except he Gandhi overcame the habit of smoking he does not have the moral right to caution the little boy

Avoid Gossip and Fault Finding

Do I gossip? yes, Do I find fault? yes. But I am aware that to start a positive revolution in the world I need to move from my animalistic tendency of finding fault and gossip to speaking good of everyone and seeing the best in every one. A tongue that gossips and finds fault can not start a revolution unfortunately.

I hope I change my habits and live by example like the great Mahatma Gandhi and Mother Theresa. May be my neighbour’s five-year old can emulates my life. I don’t know if I have what it takes to ignite that little spark of fire in the world, but there is no harm in trying to change me and bring a bounty of love, peace and abundance in the world. This to me could start a revolution of peace, love and abundance world-wide.


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