How To Make Your Life a Masterpiece

By Patrick Paul


I am not sure  I understand the meaning of  masterpiece. But I suspect it is something beautiful. I once attended an art exhibition and was awestruck at the dexterity of the artists. The paintings were beautiful and are masterpieces. The artists are masters in their own right. I have read books by great authors, just as I have listened to great piece of music by master musicians. When you listen to their music it will take you to a high crescendo and you will literally float in the air. Let’s stop to imagine life as a piece of art and we have the pencil on our hands to draw the most beautiful piece of art on  canvas. What would you create? Would you create a masterpiece or just put in the time until this phase comes to an end. Your life and my life is a masterpiece because life is art.


When I was in junior high school my music teacher, a fine gentleman known as Mr. Ighorodje took us through the tedious task of reading the biography of music greats. I did not understand his purpose of putting us through the arduous task of studying the lives of Wolfgang Mozart, Ludwig Beethoven and Joseph Haydn among others. It was not until years later that I took up the matter of trying to understand what made their lives and works a masterpiece, thereby making them legends in the history of classical music. Mozart was tutored by his father and at age 7 started playing astonishing piece of music at the royal courts and in concerts. As a virtuoso his talents shone like a thousands stars. Mozart left his mark in the sands of time and his life became a masterpiece and has influenced many great musicians to this day. Beethoven was deaf, but this disability did not deter him a bit from making a great piece of music. His life was a masterpiece. But what then is the meaning of masterpiece? Since I don’t know I had to consult the Cambridge English Dictionary, and this is what it says ‘a work of art such as painting, film or book that is made with great skill’.  A preacher once said that God is the greatest artist and all he created are masterpieces. Look around you to the birds, flowers, the sky and even fellow humans. Obviously you will be amazed at the creator. Everything he made are perfect. And since we are created in God’s image and likeness, it means we have some of these skills embedded in the core of our being. Why then do we complain, fret and lives drab existence, when we are permitted to draw, paint or sculpt the greatest piece of art of our lives.

Cristiano Ronaldo and Lionel Messi are two icons whose lives are masterpieces. Sport Pundits have argued that Cristiano Ronaldo is a product of hard work while Lionel Messi is a football prodigy. Whether they are correct I don’t know. What I know is that the lives of these two players are masterpieces, and they have  contributed to the critical mass of happiness in the world. When you watch them play your brain can’t help but released some  biochemicals like serotonin, dopamine, oxytocin and other chemicals that help us to get excited and happy. There are also many prominent leaders whose works and lives speak for them. Lee Kuan Yew the former Prime Minister of Singapore is one of them. He went for a state visit to Hong kong, while there he visited a tailor to make a piece of clothing. The tailor took his measurement and asked him to return in a few hours. To Kuan amazement the dress was done and with perfection and excellence. This singular art forced him to have a paradigm shift. He vowed to replicate this spirit of excellence in Singapore. Lee Kuan Yew transformed Singapore from a social cultural third world country into a first world nation and ended up establishing excellence in the fabric of Singapore. Similarly, Mohammed bin Rashid Al Maktoum made a masterpiece of a little known deserted country, by implementing his vision and effective distribution of resources. Today, Dubai is the cynosure of all eyes and perhaps easily the best place in the world

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How to Make Your Life a Masterpiece

Make Good Use of Your Talent: When you discover you talent it makes it easier for you to concentrate your effort to putting your talent into good use. Therefore, is it a crime for those who doesn’t seem to have any talent or have not discovered theirs? By all means  no. If you do whatever your hands find to do with utmost diligence and passion as well as work hard, you can create a masterpiece at that intersection.

 Be In Company of People Whose Lives are masterpiece: The scripture says evil communication corrupt good manners. A popular cliché says ‘birds of a feather flock together’. This goes to show that you become like the people you spend your time with. If you keep spending time with bad and mediocre people, most certainly you become bad and mediocre. Similarly, if you spend time with people who are committed to making their lives excellent and a masterpiece, you will be excellent and your life would become a masterpiece. So if you want to make your life a masterpiece sought out people whose lives are masterpieces and start courting their friendship and attention.

Be Honest: Honesty is still the best policy. If you wish to make your life a masterpiece you certainly can not do it through the back door and through dishonest means. If you try that, the system will get even with you and spit you out. A case in point of some one who try to make her life a masterpiece through dishonest means is Elizabeth Holmes, a 34-year-old American entrepreneur and founder of Theranos. Her company quickly rose to the pinnacle and achieved a valuation of $9 billion a year ago. A whistle-blower who worked  for Theranos soon leaked the shady deals and lies going on in the company to the press. Elizabeth Holmes was busted and everything she has worked for including her reputation came crashing like a pack of cards. Today, she is worth nothing and have litany of litigation with investors. Don’t try to make your life a masterpiece through dishonest means. The music will only last so long, the system, life, or if you wish to call it the force, will spit you out. I don’t know if I will make my life a masterpiece, but I hope to give it my best. And if you succeed in making your life a masterpiece, let’s meet at the top.

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