9 Startup Bussiness Ideas You Can Use to Build A Multi Million Dollar Company

By PatrickcPaul

Coming up with a startup business idea is herculean. Everyday, I tried to come up with business ideas I can use to build my next startup company. But I must admit, it isn’t quite easy to do. Moreso, when you try to come up with ideas that can provide solutions to pressing societal issues. These ideas however, are by no means a get rich scheme. Most times, to build the hard ware or device could take substantial amount of time, and research still needs to be done to perfect some of these ideas.Today I am giving out all of these my startup business ideas, so that I will be free to work on other things.  Look at these ideas with a open heart and decide for yourself the one that resonates with you.

  1. Build A Smart Watch With High Precision Sensor: The spate of suicide bombings all over the world and the waste of human lives, prompted me to start thinking of a way to compliment the effort of security agencies. The smart watch when built would be embeded with a high precision sensor which detect explosive device from 50 meters away. On detecting one, the watch vibrates and since it is sync with a smart phone the position of the IED can be detected by a red beeping mark on the google map. The smart watch which can act as a time piece also come with the ability to send SMS to the police when it detects an IED and begins to vibrates. The wearer can take a safer route out of the area and to safety.
  2. Lifebuoy/Human Size Capsule That Can Acts as Seats on Airplane: This capsule/lifebuoy  replaces the normal seats on airplanes. In time of emergencies and once a pilot establishes the fact that there is going to be a crash. The pilot simply activates the capsule/lifebuoy mode. Passengers only need to release a lever- the seats ultimately changes into a presurize capsule with the passenger sitting or lying down comfortably. The capsule is then ejected out of the plane before it goes down. It has the ability to floats in the air for 6 hours before an emergency plane picks them up. And if the airplane crashes into the sea. The lifebuoy is ejected out and has the ability to float forever in the sea. The lifebuoy/capsule is fitted with an energy drink and a virtual reality device (VR). The energy drink keeps passenger alive, while the VR device can help the passenger in the capsule/lifebuoy contact emergency workers in a virtual room as well as visit places like Disney land. This idea would take years to be perfected and aviation manufacturers might need some convincing to start designing airplane to use the capsule/lifebuoy.
  3. E-reader Device and Self Publishing Company: Amazon the self publishing book giant has disrupted the traditional publishing business in the advance world. But as we know, Nigeria and African writers are not finding it easy with the sale of their books. Most African writers can’t sell either on createspace or kindle store because the exchange rate and cost of delivering books to Nigeria is very expensive and beyong the reach of most book lovers. Hence, if you have friends and family members who want to buy your book they would not because of the cost. Moreso, the Kindle device and App is not approved in Nigeria and most African countries. So why not build an Amazon style company for Nigeria and Africans readers and buyers? Build an e-device like the Kindle and a platform where authors who otherwise could not afford the cost  to publish their book with a traditional publisher can go to and self publish their books and start selling on the e-reader and the print on demand platforms in just a few hours after completing upload and approval. The system will be automated so that books can be sent to buyers device or the App, while the paperback can be printed and sent to buyers at their addresses.
  4. Build A Company That Kills or Control Those Irritating Green Algae; If you go to most cities in Nigeria or if you live in a shanty. You will noticed that the presence of green algae is a problem to most households. And if you are like me who can not stand them, then you don’t need a prophet to know that others like me exist. These algae are so irritating, stuborn and seem to grow with ease. With a little ingenuity you can set up a business around the solution to kill them or control their growth..How then do you kill or control them? a) Grow algae eating microbes that can feed on them. b) Use chemicals like Borax and the common Vinegar to kill them. A lot of people are looking for a way to eliminate this menace. Set up a company to achieve this by using the methods above. While the first method requires research and time, the other method is readily available everywhere.
  5. Uber For Barbers (Barbing App): Create an App for Barbers. Any body that knows how to barb can register with the App and start working as a freelance barber. With the tap of a button anybody can call for a barber. The App can now match the closest barber and alert him to take the job.
  6. Build A Cigarette Company: Start a cigar company, but obviously not your normal tobacco  company, where smokers inhale nicotine. In this startup company smokers will inhale a substance that yields vitamin as you smoke. This can help to fulfill the vitamin needs of most smokers.
  7. Automatic Switch On/Off For Sumo: Although this startup business idea exist, it is not working and efficient enough to solve the problems I see in every households regarding their overhead water tank. When power is restore after a cut, you see most water tanks spill water when the tank is full and no body to put it off. I believe that pumping of water when the tank is empty and switching off just before it is full and begin to spill ought to be automatic. Giving that this startup business idea already exist, why are households not using it all over Nigeria? I suspect that the existing companies or the system is not efficient. Go and build an efficient system and a world class startup business around the system.
  8. Build A Device That Put Out Fire In Minutes: This device cut oxygen completely from the burning surface, thereby extinguishing the fire in seconds. It is more efficient than the normal fire extinguisher that needs someone to direct the hose towards the fire. This device comes with a high sensitive fire sensor. It opens up the gaseous chemical immediately on sensing a fire and acts immediately to seize oxygen and any gas that support burning on the burning surface. Think of a chemical weapon that can kill in seconds, that is what this device does to fire.
  9. Wow I don’t have a number 9. “Laugh out loud”




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