BOOK: AGE OF POSSIBILITIES- How to Live the Awesome and Extraordinary Life in this Age


This is the AGE OF POSSIBILITIES and the future is here now, but it belongs to those who are committed to making their lives awesome and extraordinary. Unfortunately, many people will sit on the fence, live drab lives and watch the World goes right by.

You can choose to take part in this future and live a richer life of happiness in service to humanity.

I am awestruck by the lives of individuals who brought changes to the World. Think of Thomas Edison, Henry Ford, Elon Musk, Larry Page, Martin Luther King Jnr.  and Mahatma Gandhi, to name a few. When they started they didn’t have money or the technology, just their passion and perseverance. We are living right now in the most extraordinary time ever in human history. The challenge is that most people  haven’t figured out their role in the grand scheme of the Universe, or what grand challenge they want to partake in.

Worst still, many of us  have been battered by the vicissitudes of live that we have now accepted limitations and develop a negative mindsets and indifference to acquiring the right knowledge as a way of life. The reality is that the World is filled with abundance, a large body of knowledge, expertise and better technologies than existed 10 years ago.

Extraordinary people know the importance of gravitating to where the pack will be instead of where it is now. They have an uncanny ability to recognized opportunities and trends before the rest of the World. In the new order, extraordinary people have a clear roadmap and have envisaged how vertical technologies like 3D printing, Wearable devices, Internet of Things (IoT), Agriculture, Mobile Money discussed in this first series of the e-book AGE OF POSSIBILITIES” as well as Artificial Intelligence, Robotics, Virtual Reality/augmented Reality, Synthetic biology, and blockchain (to be discuss in yet to be released e-book) can make the impossible possible.

However, I am interested in how individuals can make their lives beautiful and revel in the abundance in the world by using technology and developing their God-given abilities.

Money and technology alone without persistence and a passionate human spirit driving this change forward are useless. Doing anything big and bold in life is hardwork and learning to persist ( try, fail, learn, try again) is fundamental to making life worthwhile. Fortunately, only those who developed grit, the willingness to keep pushing, iterating, and taking the next step in the face of hardship will win. The book the “AGE OF POSIBILITIES: How to Live the Awesome and Extraordinary Life in this Age” is for you:

If you view the World through the lens of Abundance, not scarcity

You are excited about the future, not scared of it .

When you take the step to get this book, you are guaranteed to learn:

  •  A proven way to discover your purpose and live the awesome life. Many people spend years going through life UNFULFILLED and never figure this out.
  • The number one reason why you are stuck in life and what to do about it. HINT: Winners don’t wait for chances they take them.
  • How to use the amazing powers of your mind to see the enormous opportunities for greatness around you, even if you cannot see beyond your nose.
  • How to find happiness and peace in your life which have eluded many in this generation, even if the World is burning.
  • The little known trends in the World right now making inroad into our everyday lives. Knowing these trends will give you undue advantage over your peers, even if they are computer GEEKS.
  • A psychological method most successful people use to make important decisions which guarantee success ALWAYS. 98% of people will increase their success rate if they follow this. HINT: When your cognitive reason fails tune in to your gut instinct.
  • How to easily ACHIEVE all your set goals and objectives by harnessing the POWER of your network and get people to practically begging you to be part of your project, even if the thought of meeting new people makes you sweat bullets.
  • How to give your best performance always and almost ALWAYS delivers, even if you are a square peg in a round hole.
  • How to quickly take CONTROL of your life and set your feet on the path to success by changing the one KILLER but silent habit holding you back. HINT: How you see life determines how you live it (Whether you see the cup as half full or half empty is up to you)


Today you can be the first to get this amazing book in your mail. This is by far the best deal you can get. You can get this book for N1000, instead of the N2500 it is normally sold for. Why am I doing this? Because I am confident you will find DOZENS of Ideas to IMPROVE your life.

Regardless of whether you buy this book or not you get a free copy of another of my book “ROADMAP TO SUCCESS FOR THE NEW STARTUP ENTREPRENEUR” also known as (The Neophyte Entrepreneur). Fill the subscription form and follow the link sent to your inbox to download book.


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