4 Life’s Lessons I Learned From My Failures.

By Patrick Paul


I have failed many times. I flunked all my courses in the University and graduated at the bottom of my class. Now, I can’t ever get a Job in Shell or any multinational corporation. In my quite time I cry and blamed my self for the failings. I failed to get into the elite military University -the Nigeria Defence Academy to be an officer. I failed in several businesses including this blog you are reading. Failure seems to run in my DNA. I wish I  am a Superman or  Batman I would have powers to win always. Unfortunately, I am not. When you are a perpertual failure like me, many things can happen to you. For example, its been a year since I am homeless. Ah! It’s not a good thing to be homeless. It can erodes your self esteem as a person and if you are not careful you can fall into a deep sh**t. However, I am doing a real soul-searching. I am currently studying my failures, and making evaluations on my self whether I have what it takes to be an entrepreneur or not, as well as whether I have what it takes to be a writer, since two of my books performed badly in the Amazon stores. I have drawn some lessons from my situation.

A) Learn from the Experiences of Others : At times it is painful and very costly to learn from your own experiences. Although, they say experience is the best teacher, you don’t have a life time to make all the mistakes and learn from your own failures. Study history, read everything from the lives of those who turn adversities into opportunities and blessings. Study their failures, steps, attitudes and principles they use to come back from the brink.

B) Keep Trying: I hope I have what it takes to keep trying and not move to my bush village to join my peers who are enjoying life in their farms and always meet to drink the local gin everyday after a hard day’s job. However, each time I fail I have learned not to lie down flat on the ground and cry like I sometimes do. I stand up look to the sun and strike out again. I am learning to boost my mental toughness and refuses to allow unpleasant conditions weigh me down and keep my Will and spirit broken. I know now is the time to go out and try new ideas. I am reading everything I could find in the area  I want to start my next business as well as acquiring new skills that would enable me cut my chances of failure and improve my odds of success. I hope if I keep trying someday I will find the elusive success and may be I can become Superman or a Batman in my world.

C) Your Friends Will Desert You: Nothing last forever anyway. I use to think it is incumbent on me to keep my relationship with friends from elementary school and even high school.  But like everything in life nothing stay constant, everything is in a constant state of flux. I am no longer friends with majority of the people I use to be friends with.. Success as they say has many cousins, why failure is orphan. If you  have failed so many times like I do, you will understand what I am saying here. Nevertheless, I am grateful to those friends who stuck with me through the darkest hour.

D)The Best Way to Decrease The Odds of Failure is To Practce: Practice, practice and practice is a sure way to increase the odd of winning  Yes; they are no guarantees,  but I know that if I keep practising the law of average will work in my favor and I might win the next time. This blog post is a form of practice to make me a better writer. If I keep at it, who knows I may one day write a book that would be a success in the Amazon stores. Great athletes, musicians, authors as well as entrepreneurs practice hard to be world champions, grammy award winners as well as best selling authors and world innovators


As I put pen to paper to craft this blog post the rain started falling. However, as I was finishing this post I noticed  the rays of the sun breaking through the cloudy sky. And currently shinning with intensity. Perplexed,at the same time joyous, I remembered the cliche ” after rain come  sunshine”. The sun will shine again no matter how many times I fail.

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